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company news about how to check the quality of corrugated plastic sheets

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China Wuxi Henghong Plastic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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We are currently in the process of updating out equipment and the machinery, that uses your product, is still being installed. Although it will be very soon.The plant manager is happy with your product, so we’ll keep you updated.

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Hello Forrest! Everything is going well. Yes, I am happy with your product. It was exactly what I needed and I have not been able to find this same product in the US. Even more, I am happy with the experience of working with you. You were very responsive, supportive, and helpful. I greatly appreciated all of your time and effort. I purchased enou

—— Natalie

Forrest, It was good to hear from you. Product working out just great. At this time, we are okay because we had a shut down in the factory due to updating equipment. We are looking at May 31 before reordering. I will put this on my calendar, or you can reach out to me at that time, for reordering.

—— Barry

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Company News
how to check the quality of corrugated plastic sheets
Latest company news about how to check the quality of corrugated plastic sheets

Visual Inspection: Examine the sheets for any visible defects or imperfections. Look for smooth and consistent surfaces without any cracks, warping, or discoloration. Check the edges and corners for any signs of damage or roughness.

Thickness and Density: Measure the thickness of the sheets using a caliper or thickness gauge. Compare the measured thickness with the manufacturer's specifications to ensure it meets the desired standard. Additionally, consider the density of the material, as higher density often indicates better quality and durability.

Impact Resistance: Corrugated plastic sheets should have good impact resistance. Perform a simple impact test by gently tapping the sheet with a blunt object and observe if it withstands the impact without cracking or breaking easily.

Flexibility and Rigidity: Evaluate the flexibility and rigidity of the sheets. They should be able to bend without breaking or cracking excessively. However, they should also retain their shape and provide sufficient structural integrity when installed or used.

Water Resistance: Corrugated plastic sheets are typically known for their water resistance. Ensure that the sheets do not absorb water or moisture easily, as this can affect their durability and performance.

UV Resistance: If the sheets will be exposed to sunlight or outdoor conditions, check if they have UV protection. UV-resistant sheets are less likely to fade or degrade when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

Chemical Resistance: Consider the specific application and the chemicals that the sheets may come into contact with. Verify if the sheets have suitable chemical resistance to withstand exposure to common chemicals without deteriorating or reacting adversely.

Manufacturer's Reputation: Research and consider the reputation and credibility of the manufacturer or supplier. Look for reviews, certifications, and any relevant industry standards they adhere to, as this can provide insights into the quality of their products. Wuxi Henghong Plastic is an excellent manufacturer. 

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